Asko Nõmm

Curriculum Vitae


I'm a Software Engineer with about 11 years of work experience specializing in Clojure / ClojureScript.

Work experience

Software Engineer at IPRally

May 2022 — Present • Helsinki, Finlandremote

Helping companies do patent search better using Clojure & ClojureScript.

Senior Clojure Engineer at Fluent

Sep 2021 — Apr 2022 • Stockholm, Swedenremote

Helped create a complex front-end block editor powered by a graph data model in ClojureScript (Reagent, Re-frame) and Clojure fully equipped with drag-and-drop functionality, and isolated collection of blocks that power the editor. Also built a component library sandbox for developing, testing and sharing of components cross-teams.

Software Engineer at GreenPowerMonitor

Sep 2018 — Apr 2021 • Barcelona, Spainremote

Helped the renewable energy sector get more out of their plants by developing monitoring tools at the number one company in the industry. My role was to develop and maintain a SPA written in a mixture of ClojureScript, JavaScript & TypeScript, by utilising tools such as Om, Re-om, React.js and Ant Design.

Software Engineer at Digital Baboon

Jan 2017 — Aug 2018 • Tallinn, Estonia

Built bespoke applications with Laravel, Symfony and React.js, Vue.js for a wide variety of industries ranging from marketing to CRM's.

Software Engineer at VURR

Aug 2016 — Jan 2017 • Tallinn, Estonia

I developed websites and interactive campaign single-page applications tightly integrated with social media APIs for companies such as Stockmann, Toyota, R-Kiosk and Catwees, using Laravel, WordPress and Vue.js.

Software Engineer, Co-founder at Webdot

Feb 2014 — Jun 2016 • Tallinn, Estonia

I co-founded a web development agency focusing on bespoke web applications for small to medium companies with our main toolkit containing WordPress and Laravel. This was a transformative experience for me because I learned how to communicate with clients, how to create briefs, estimates and how to do live presentations as well as time management.

Software Engineer at Direct Digital Reach

Sep 2011 — Dec 2013 • Tallinn, Estonia

Continuing on from A2B Group, at DDR I turned complex design requirements and assets into bespoke WordPress themes for small to medium companies for whom quality was more important than quantity. I learned that the devil is in the details, and nothing rushed is ever good.

Junior Software Engineer at A2B Group

Apr 2011 — Aug 2011 • Tallinn, Estonia

My first professional foray into the world of software development was here. I developed bespoke WordPress themes for small to medium companies and learned how little I really knew of anything related to software development.


Clojure, ClojureScript, JavaScript, TypeScript, Rust, Java, C#, PHP, Swift.


Re-frame, Reagent, Re-om, Shadow-CLJS, Lein, Clojars, Node.js, Deno.js, NPM, Yarn, Laravel, Packagist, MySQL, SQLite, Flat-file stores.

Contact information & Links

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